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Prepaid SIM Cards

This product is tailored for tourists and travelers

For those going on prolonged, multi-country trips or those in need of a large amount of data.

This product makes an excellent last minute purchase. It can be successfully sold at border crossing points, airports' and railway stations' retail stores, tourist agencies, and other businesses that serve the target population.

  • Simplicity and Comfort

    A unique offer on the global mobile Internet market - prepaid SIM cards with 1GB of data.
    No activation or registration required. No need to rely on mobile operators and be surprised by inflated bills at the end of the month.

  • Automatic Activation

    Automatic activation upon arrival to a county covered by the specific plan purchased (Plug & Play).
    This solution enables Internet access via any portable device capable of sending and receiving mobile data. Such devices include smartphones, tablets, USB modems, routers, and camera-phones, amongst others.
    Real time data usage control.

  • Coverage

    Mobile Internet allows for fast browsing using 4G\3G\2G networks across the EU and the Americas.
    Perfect solution for extended multi-country trips.

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Unique opportunity for lifetime passive income

Do you own a website or a blog? Convert your traffic into money!

Take part in our partnership program - no financial investment required.

As our affiliate partner, you will receive a specially generated referral link to be embedded in your site.

Just sit back and receive money for every referral; we will issue the SIM cards and provide customer support.

  • Earn Easy Money + Receive Your Own Special Tracking Tool.

    Invest no money and let us do all the work.
    Receive your own tracking tool and monitor your referrals and commissions anytime.
    Get paid on a monthly basis.

  • Customer Service

    You don't have to deal with clients - that's our job.

  • Lifelong Revenues

    Not only do you receive commission upon the initial purchase, but also whenever the customers referred by you refill their SIM cards.
    The ICCD of any card sold with your assistance remains associated with your account.

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Data Pool

For Efficient Planning at the Corporate Level

Our corporate pooling solution was designed especially for enterprises and big organizations and ameliorates planning at the corporate level.

With our corporate pooling solution you can own, allocate and monitor multiple mobile lines within your organization.

Don't waste any time or money on constantly shipping, activating and deactivating, or refilling your SIM cards.

Enjoy Keepgo’s fixed payment model, regardless of users' usage patterns.

  • Controllable

    Monitor the usage and sessions in real-time for every line in your possession, individually and on a corporate scale.

  • Global

    Your price varies depending on the territory you cover. The fewer countries you choose to cover, the cheaper the price.

  • Scalable

    Maintain up to 4 SIM cards per every GB in the pool. Set and modify data allowance and limits per every subscriber.

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Hassle free fixed cost solution, specifically designed for frequent multi-country travelers

Keepgo monthly subscription ensures your users are connected wherever they travel, and your accounts are credited on a monthly basis.

  • Simple

    Fixed coverage, allowance, and cost. It’s as simple as that.

  • Modifiable

    You have the option to block the traffic or to start over-charging once the bundle allowance has been reached.

  • Competitive

    Lowest price per GB guaranteed!

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This model targets businesses and organizations with occasional demand for international mobile data connectivity

Distribute the SIM cards to corporate customers and just bill them on a monthly basis.

Don't waste any time or money on constantly shipping, activating and deactivating, or refilling your SIM cards.

Use our management portal to monitor data usage by your customers, from an enterprise level to a single user resolution.

  • Fair

    You pay only for the days you use. No charges will be incurred during non-active periods. <br>No hidden costs or over usage fees.

  • Automated

    No activation or deactivation of the SIM cards is required. Monitor the SIM daily usage and total amount of days in use in real-time.

  • Effective

    All SIM cards are re-usable. There is no need to collect your SIM cards or WiFi Hotspots after the trip. Customers can keep the SIM for any future use.

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